Get more Twitter followers. Get more website clicks.

Birdy helps you optimize your Twitter profile with continual automated A/B testing. Create two different profile versions and let Birdy tell you which one performs best.

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Get more followers

Your profile is an important part of your followers funnel. When people find one of your tweets interesting, they either hover over your name to see an overview of your profile or they click on it. Birdy lets your perfect and optimize that funnel and increase the odds that those people follow you.

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Website clicks

Get more website clicks

You can set UTM tags to the links in your bio and website fields. This will let you know which profile version leads to more visits to your website.


A/B Testing

Remove the guesswork

Are you tired of making changes to your Twitter profile and not know what effect it has? A/B test all the important components of your Twitter profile. Mix and match or isolate a single component to remove variables.

  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website
  • Banner
  • Profile picture
  • Name
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