Get more Twitter followers

Birdy helps you optimize your Twitter profile with automated A/B testing. Create two profile versions and let Birdy determine which one converts more visitors into followers.

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Get more followers

Your profile acts as a gateway for potential followers. By making it more engaging, you can increase the chances that visitors will hit the follow button. Use Birdy to enhance your profile and maximize this opportunity.

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Website clicks

Get more website clicks

By adding UTM tags to the links in your bio, you can gain valuable insights into which profile version is driving the most traffic to your site.


A/B Testing

Remove the guesswork

Tired of constantly tinkering with your Twitter profile without knowing the impact of your changes? Use A/B testing to make informed decisions. You can test multiple elements of your profile at once or focus on a single component to see how it impacts your profile's effectiveness.

  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website
  • Banner
  • Profile picture
  • Name
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