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Birdy is the best way to optimize your Twitter profile, but many people have asked me for advice on what they should be A/B testing. How can one craft an effective bio? What makes a Twitter profile truly compelling?

I have joined forced with the incredible courses below that provide all the knowledge you need to enhance every aspect of your Twitter game. They cover everything you need to know about how to attract followers and build a meaningful online presence, including how to craft the perfect Twitter profile, from banner to pinned tweet. By using these courses in combination with Birdy, you can easily create and validate any profile, making it a very powerful combination.

Dominate Twitter

If I ever asked myself who would be the best person to create a Twitter course, the answer would unequivocally be Dagobert 🥹 A staple in the indie maker community, he has grown his account from 1K to 50K in a record time 🚀

His approach to building an audience is unmatched and, although you can not and should not try to imitate his style, Dago will help you find your unique voice and cut through the noise.

It's all about building genuine relationships, tweeting authentically, and having a deep understanding of the Twitter algorithm.

Needless to say, I highly recommend that you go through this course 😎

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