How to get more Twitter followers by optimizing your profile

Part 8: Which tweet should you pin on your Twitter profile?

Part 8: Which tweet should you pin on your Twitter profile?

Welcome! This 9-part blog series explores the best ways to gain Twitter followers by optimizing your profile, from banner to pinned tweet, using real Twitter account examples to illustrate the concepts.

  1. Why you should optimize your Twitter profile
  2. How to create the best Twitter profile banner
  3. How to create the best Twitter profile picture
  4. How to create the best Twitter profile name
  5. How to create the best Twitter profile bio
  6. How to make the best use of the Twitter profile location field
  7. How to make the best use of the Twitter profile website field
  8. Which tweet should you pin on your Twitter profile?
  9. The Twitter profile extras

In part 8, we'll look at the final constant of your followers funnel, the pinned tweet.

Let’s start with some Twitterverse theory and then let’s dig into some examples 🤓

The basics

Your profile components can be categorized into three levels of exposure:

  1. High exposure: these components are visible everywhere you show up on Twitter - on your profile, but also in the timelines, replies, sidebar widgets, and search results.
  2. Medium exposure: these components are visible on your profile, but also in the search results, some of the sidebar widgets, and whenever users hover over your name or profile picture to get more details.
  3. Low exposure: these components are only visible on your profile.

The pinned tweet is only visible on your profile, therefore it has a low level of exposure. It doesn’t mean it is less important than the components with a higher level of exposure. As you will see, the pinned tweet plays an important part in your followers funnel.

Perfect for credibility

When it comes to optimizing your Twitter profile, the pinned tweet is an essential tool that you can use to display your credibility and authority. It is the first piece of content that your visitors will see, so it’s crucial to ensure that it’s impactful and strategically placed.

It’s essential to select a tweet that shows that you’ve achieved, are living up to, or are in the middle of your efforts to do so. For instance, if you’re an indie developer, a common pinned tweet is your official product launch tweet. This shows that you are actively working on a project and pushing updates that people might be interested in following, because you are living it.

The best you have to offer

When selecting the tweet to pin, aim for one or more of the following: great content, time sensitivity, clear brand signal, and good engagement. It’s best to have all of these elements in your pinned tweet if possible. Use this opportunity to share something that you’re proud of.

Your pinned tweet should feature the best that you have to offer. It’s crucial to choose content that is of high quality and relevant to your audience. Whether it’s a blog post that has many likes or a podcast interview, make sure it represents you well.

Your most popular tweet

One way to select your pinned tweet is to simply pick your most popular recent tweet. This tweet could have a high engagement rate or be relevant to your target audience. Your most popular tweet will usually display social proof and credibility by the mere fact that many people have engaged with it.

However, generally avoid pinning tweets that are older than a couple of month or so.

Some examples

A great tweet to pin is the official tweet you make when launching a product. Here, Dagobert is pinning the tweet announcing his new Twitter course. This drives a lot of new customers. Furthermore, with all this engagement, it’s a good display of credibility.

@dagorenouf's profile

Similarly, Daniel is promoting the upcoming dates of his flagship program.

@dvassallo's profile

One of my favorite pinned tweets is the pinned tweet about your journey. Telling your story. This gets people excited about following your evolution. Most people relate to stories and humans, as opposed to products and businesses. See Peter’s pinned tweet:

@thepetermick's profile

And if you’re having good success like Fraser, a low-key flex is often a good thing to attract new followers 😏 People love getting inspired.

@iamfra5er's profile

Or why not simply properly introduce yourself and give a warm welcome to all your visitors? Arvid has one of the best conversion rates in the game, so it’s definitely a strategy you should consider!

@arvidkahl's profile

Now on to Part 9: The Twitter profile extras where we explore the remaining, but still relevant parts of the Twitter profile.

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